What If We Slept On Rooftops?

8 Aug

What if the automobile or any mass transportation was never invented? Well, we would definitely have to live pretty close to our jobs.

What if the boxspring and cotton mattress were never invented? What if we slept on the rooftops of buildings because there was nowhere else to catch a snooze? Well, we wouldn’t be getting much sleep surrounded by tons of strangers while worrying about rolling off the side of the building, smashing aimlessly into the ground. And it would definitely not be cozy.

Sleeping on rooftops would not only make us anxious, tense and uncomfortable, but it would expose our personal flaws to the world. We would know which of our neighbors snores the loudest, who stays up the latest watching reality TV shows, and who talks in their sleep. And for those sleepwalkers, they would definitely be in for some trouble.

Next time you go to bed, appreciate the convenience of being able to sleep every night in the privacy of your own home, where you can go about your normal sleep habits without being judged by your neighbors.

If you are a Shifman sleeper, take a minute to appreciate the invention of the cotton mattress created in the 18th century because its quite a refreshing thought to know there is still a mattress company around that produces mattresses made with an abundant amount of cotton. After all, you could be sleeping as the Romans did during the Roman Empire, on raised pallets with fabrics stuffed with hay and leaves—or on the rooftop of your office building!


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