Happy Halloween

30 Oct

Have fun dressing up in your festive costumes, pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples, telling scary ghost stories, and of course trick-or-treating. But if you’re up until the Witching Hour, don’t forget to get in all of your Zzzz’s…it could be a matter of life or death! I’m not joking.

Halloween_1Did you know that not getting enough sleep can not only cause health-related issues but also an early trip to the grave? Don’t be a zombie this Halloween. Be sure to get enough sleep! Learn the scary truth about how your lack of shut eye is affecting your body and mind.

The immediate effects of sleep deprivation are common and include feeling groggy, unfocused, and sluggish. Most of us feel these symptoms from time to time and they may seem unimportant, but not getting enough sleep night after night ends up causing more damage than you may think.

“Consistently sleeping less than six hours a night has been linked to impairments in cognitive functioning, specifically a loss of concentration, memory and hand-eye coordination. Patients with chronic insomnia report problems performing daily tasks and often have increased absenteeism from work and school. Poor sleep has also been linked to increased motor vehicle and workplace accidents,” notes Dr. Michael Thorpy and Dr. Shelby Freedman Harris of the Sleep-Wake Disorders Center at Montefiore Medical Center in New York.

Not only are you more prone to accidents when you don’t get enough shut eye but as your sleep deficit increases, so does the risk of some serious health-related issues, including: hypertension, cardiovascular disease, depression, glaucoma, cancer, and an increased risk of stroke and diabetes.   Looking for a possible cure?  Try sleeping on a luxurious, handcrafted two-sided Shifman mattress.

Have I scared you yet? This Halloween while you’re swapping ghost stories with your friends, be sure to share the scary truth about lack of sleep. As I said, it could be a matter of life or death.



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